Teacher Gifts Are Done!

There is always so much pressure on wannabe supermoms to perform well when it comes to giving awesome and creative teacher gifts. That pressure mounts when there are not only classroom teachers but also “specials” teachers such as art, music, librarians, etc. and you have a budget to stick to. There are 15 teachers that we have to have an end of the year gift for this year so the cost on will really add up fast. That means that it is difficult to figure out gifts that are creative, unique, useful (teachers have enough smelly candles on their closet shelves) and affordable. Luckily I am always up for a challenge and was raring and ready to get started.

Something that helped me stay on budget this year was my discovery of The Dollar Tree. They have so many good things there for only a buck so finding a budget worthy gift is easy. Using this knowledge I decided to get the main classroom teachers (there are 3 this year) each a beach tote bag and fill them with a water bottle, sunscreen, flip flops, word search book, sunglasses and a cooling headband wrap. If you were counting then you know that is 7 items for each teacher. Then I picked out some tissue paper to use as a filler in the bags and at $1 for 20 sheets that was a GREAT bargain! So the grand total for each one was about $7.25 each. When I got home I printed out some tags on cardstock that I already had and addressed them to each teacher. Then I tied each card around the handle of each bag after the kids signed their names. Easy peasy!

For the specials teachers I wanted to do something smaller and simpler, afterall, they only put up with my kids for an hour every 6 school days. I used some Pinterest inspiration for this. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest for this type of thing but I finally settled for the “mint” idea. Now I just had to figure out how to implement it. I started at The Dollar Tree. Unfortunately The Dollar Tree let me down and did not have any mint flavored candy that was individually wrapped. They also did not have any plain clear goody bags. Dollar Tree was losing my affection. What they did have were little clear punch cups 10 for $1 and spools of ribbon for $1 and they had another package of that tissue paper so The Dollar Tree and I overcame out rough patch and are still in a relationship. I did have to stray to Kroger for the mint candy selection though. When all was said and done I had spent less then $15 for everything and had some ribbon, tissue paper and cups left over. 825 helped me distribute the candies into 12 of the cups and then I wrapped them in tissue paper and tied it with a ribbon. The tags I printed out were on cardstock using a play on words with the word ‘mint’. Again, I had the kids sign the cards and tied them to the ribbons that tied the tissue paper together.

So, When it was all over I only spent about $35 on 15 teacher gifts that meet all of the above requirements for supermom gifts. Today is a good day to be a mom, maybe even a supermom.








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  1. I love those beach bags – I used them last year for our Mum’s Night at Preschool. They hold up REALLY well! You’re so creative! 😀


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